The foundation of Ganga DM Waters is built on years of experience in setting up and supporting various water treatment plants in Kerala. We offer best products and support in terms of quality as our Team is comprised of highly skilled technicians enabled by latest technology.

At Ganga DM Waters we are proud to offer you 100% pure and natural, High grade, Ultra Filtered Demineralised water and we aim to be the most consumer-friendly organisation in the world.

We guarantee a quality of -

  1. EC- ≦ 1 micromho/cm2
  2. PH 5.5 - 7
  3. Zero TDS

Ganga DM Waters

48/5A Vrindhavan, Kalandithazham Jn
CWRDM Road, Chelavoor PO
673 571

+91 88910 50826